Step 7: Mount the Switch

Decide where you want the switch. I wanted mine on the short side of the tin. Since I'm using a rectangular switch, I need a dremel to cut a notch in the side of the tin. Use a marker to mark where you need to cut. You need to cut between the edge of the actual slider and the screws. This way, you can slide the switch freely and still have a place to screw it in on the tin. Be sure to wear safety goggles because cutting the tin with a dremel does produce sparks. After you cut the notch, put the switch in a drill tiny holes where the screws will go. Screw the screws in until everything is nice and tight.
I saw this one come up on Adafruit's blog and thought it was hilarious that I made the exact same design with four changes:<br> <ul> <li> I used 2 LED's and a resistor so the LED's would work even if the battery got very dead. <li> I added a &quot;horn&quot; with a piezo buzzerM <li> My handlebar mount is a screw-type hose clamp. <li> My switch is a pull-chain type because I thought it would be funny to have a light with a pull-chain. </ul> Nice job regardless!
that pull chain idea sounds really cool!
Im building this(radio shack needs a restock so) but I have the tin ready, and I put my minty boost in there too
Adambowker98 - You got my votes for all the contests you entered! (And 5 stars;-) Great use of an Altoids tin!
Thanks! I made it because I had an empty tin and really needed a headlight that didn't cost $50!

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