Picture of Altoids Can - Refrigerator Magnet Pencil Organizer
Have all (3) of your pens or pencils handy right on the refrigerator door, thanks to this handy instructable...

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I personally have a lot of experience with pens and their dastardly cousins, them pencils. They seem to always escape my grasp especially when I need them the most, whether it be for signing a paper or finishing some homework.
Usually this absence would lead to everyone in our house raiding drawers and cabinets like little viking berserkers withouth the cool hats and helmets and funky armours.
Of course, when I saw that there was a Fridge Magnet Contest, combined with my freakish desire of convenient pens and pencils led me to this creation.
Hopefully, you won't get bit or stung, perhaps a little dazed or trampled.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools/Materials.

Picture of Assemble Your Tools/Materials.
Needless to say, you will actually need to provide your own materials.
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean you can raid dumpsters for the supplies needed.
paqrat3 years ago
Clever idea and well executed instructable.
whatsreal7 years ago
thanks! I love it and am goint to have fun making this!
dandel7 years ago
Cute, I like it! Easy and useful.
HamO8 years ago
Altoids tin, magnets and screwdriver drill. We have a winner!
Ducky Boy (author)  HamO8 years ago
Don't forget to rate :P (You don't have to)
Geoffrito8 years ago
nice, finally found something u can make with those random and 'incompatible' pieces of junk 'round ur house, i see xD