Picture of Altoids Catapult
This is a fairly simple instructable on how to make an accurate, powerful catapult from  the best ingredient in the world: ALTOIDS!

Possible problems...
-injuries related to being hit with ammo
-finger injury (from tin snapping down)
-I'm sure someone could figure something else out, but please don't!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Altoids Catapult 015.JPG
You will need...
-Altoids Tin (eat the candy first!)
-Rubber bands
-Glue gun
-plastic spoon
-ammunition (little things like plastic game pieces, dry pasta)

Step 2: Prepare the Spoon

Picture of Prepare the Spoon
Take the plastic spoon and cut it in half on the handle. Glue this to the Altoids. Keep it centered for maximum accuracy. Then wrap a rubber band around the lid(long ways) to secure it and dampen any unnecessary noise.

Step 3: The Rubber Bands

Picture of The Rubber Bands
Now wrap rubber bands (at least two) around the entire tin (perpendicular to the rubber band for the spoon). When you open the can, there should be a lot of resistance. DO NOT SNAP YOUR FINGERS, IT HURTS!

Step 4: Use It!

Picture of Use It!
Altoids Catapult 018.JPG
Altoids Catapult 014.JPG
Use common sense and don't shoot at fragile or living things. Put your ammo in the tin, if you want. To use the catapult:

1. Load the spoon with ammo
2. Open tin all the way
3. Select target
4. Aim
5. FIRE!!

alsome instructable!!
this thing is amazing, tested it with pennies and made a dent in my door
dodo914 years ago
good instructable. glad my idea was an inspiration!