Altoids Fire Kit





Introduction: Altoids Fire Kit

About: I like to make compact and useful things

Here is a kit I made which purpose is to start a fire. And maybe some day can save your LIFE.

Step 1: Contents

-Empty Altoids can
-3 bandages
-2 birthday candles
-fire steel
-3 mini straw fire starters (have a tutorial on those)
-Dryer lint at the bottom of the can
-about 15 matches and striker

Step 2: Warning!!!!!!!

Warning: do not put the striker face up in the Altoids tin because the matches can light inside and burn!!!!
Be safe and have fun!!



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    Great kit! I've been saving my own dryer lint as well. Although, it might surprise you that cotton balls burn longer than dryer lint. Also, cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly are extremely flammable and hold their flame for several minutes. Just a thought.

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    Why not use a BIC lighter? Personally, they're more efficient than matches.

    Instead of using the striker from the match box. Why not use strike anywhere matches and rough the bottom of the tin for a striking area. That way you could store more matches inside without the danger of them being lit.

    They wouldn't burn for long, as fire needs air to keep going.

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    I think you got it wrong. you are supposed to use the dryer lint to start a fire not inside but outside the tin

    I was referring to when you warned not to pack the matches against the striker inside the tin.

    oh... Then your 100% right Thanks!

    However, the matches provide their own oxygen for the initial ignition, and if (God forbid) they should catch while in the box, they can cause an explosion. They should be protected from both the striker and each other (under the right circumstances, strike-on-the-box matches can light from another match head.)

    Best to avoid explosions, especially when they might occur in your pants.

    Since it's a fire kit, maybe include a bit of burn treatment with those bandages. ;)