Have you ever wished you had a more stylish way to open your garage doors? My dad bought a new pickup, but it did not have the built in Homelink button like our other cars. His original plan was to take off part of the front console and install some custom buttons there for the garages. I saw an empty Altoid tin, and poof, I had an Instructable.
           This Instructable is a guide to how to mod your remote garage door opener to fit inside an Original Altoids tin. The remote I used was a Craftsman, but I'm pretty sure you could adapt this to work for almost any remote. You may want to unplug your actual openers, as you will be pushing the buttons a lot.
           Also, this is my first Instructable, so some constructive criticism would be nice.

Step 1: Recipe

Your ingredients are...
       1) An Original Altoids or similar tin
       2) A garage door opener you can take apart
       3) Some rigid plastic packaging (From the really hard-to-open plastic packaging)
       4) Duct tape
       5) About an inch or so of wire for each contact

Weapon Arsenal
       - Drill and drill bit to drill holes in tin
       - Scissors you can cut rigid plastic with
       - Soldering Iron and Solder
       - Elmer's Glue or super glue
       - A little bit of extra plastic for a button spacer if needed
       - Tin snips (optional)
Nice! Can't wait to do this!
sweet idea!!
Very cool instructable!

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