Altoids Gas Grill

Picture of Altoids Gas Grill
This is a little propane grill I made out of a lighter an Altoids can and some other stuff it is very fun to use and cooks things like mini hot dogs really well
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Step 1: Main Part

Picture of Main Part
For the main grill part I cut out a hole in the top then drilled a small hole on one side of an Altoids can

Step 2: Grill Spokes

Picture of Grill Spokes
The grill spokes I made from an old coat hanger then used aluminum tape to tape them to the inside part of the hole in the Altoids can

Step 3: Propane

Picture of Propane
The propane is from a lighter I hacked you can learn how to hack one in my profile page thing

Step 4: Burner

Picture of Burner
13, 11:42.jpg
The burner is an Altoids mini can with a bunch of holes drilled in the bottom and the top took off and a hole drilled in the side of it then I carefully hot glued it to the bottom of the big Altoids can

Step 5: Propane-burner

Picture of Propane-burner
13, 11:42.jpg
13, 11:42.jpg
13, 11:42.jpg
13, 11:42.jpg
To get the propane into the burner I used a tube from one of those big lighters then put a small Lego tube around the nozzle. Then I stuck the not nozzle end onto the nozzle of the hacked lighter then stuck the nozzle end of the tube through the hole in the big Altoids can then stuck it into the small one and to get the propane flowing just press the small button on the lighter
Xixfas1 year ago
you stole this from hm innovations
LifeHax0r2 years ago
Heh heh, uuhhh hate to tell you this but it's butane not propane. Propane must be kept under extreme pressure. But really cool build, and I am looking forward to building this
This is really cool. I will have to make one
This is really cool. I will have to make one
poppop159 (author) 2 years ago