Introduction: Altoids Magnetic Small Part Holder

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This is my first Instructable so please comment

Step 1: Materials

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all you need is a cheap/broken speaker and Altoids can and some scissors.

Step 2: Open the Speaker

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open the speaker box and remove the speaker.

Step 3: Remove Extra

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cut off all of the extra metal and material until it looks like this

Step 4: Finish

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put the speaker magnet in the bottom section of the Altoids can top down, then put the top section on with the open end up


lemonie (author)2009-12-19

That's quite a neat idea, but someone is probably going to say "macro function"...


vishalapr (author)lemonie2011-07-07

What does the macro function do??Coz everyone tells its a really important function but I never used it and don't know how to use it!

lemonie (author)vishalapr2011-07-07

It should make close-up shots focus sharply, that is it's function.


vishalapr (author)lemonie2011-07-07

Ok cool!Have a look at my ibles as well!

lemonie (author)vishalapr2011-07-09

I did, good stuff there.


demonxkid (author)lemonie2009-12-19

i dont no what a macro function is

lemonie (author)demonxkid2009-12-20

For close-up pictures you find they go blurry and out-of-focus. Cameras usually have a "macro function" usually marked by a cartoon of a flower (as that's the sort of thing you might photograph close-up) - which should adjust the focus.

I've not seen the use of a round tin - it makes a nice change from the usual.


vishalapr (author)2011-07-07

Cool but pictures....But its still a really cool instructable!

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