The classic game of marbles, in a pocket-sized portable form.

Nostalgia is the current marketing trend and apparently selling well. Make your own bit of nostalgia (and play with it when the Internet is down) with this Instructable!

Step 1: Obtain Marbles

Who hasn't played with marbles in some form or another? Dig them out of your closet or your parents' attic. Barring that, marbles are readily available in sets or a la carte in many toy or craft stores. They shouldn't cost more than ten cents each. A shooter is helpful and may run you thirty cents or more.

An Altoids tin will comfortably hold 18 standard-size marbles. Unfortunately, a shooter is too big! We'll have to work around that.
watz da shooter?
The shooter is the one marble that is larger than the others. Much like the cue ball in pool or billiards, you flick the shooter at the other marbles to knock them out of the circle.

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