Altoids Mini BBQ Pit





Introduction: Altoids Mini BBQ Pit

Get your parts together.
1. Altoid can
2. 5 long bolts with two nuts for each bolt.  
3.flat head Screw driver
4. Drill bit bit slightly  larger that bolts
5 Optional heat resistant paint for BBQ pits.

Step 1: Bending the Hinges

Use the screw driver to bend the hinge.

Step 2: Separate the Lid and Can Separated

A look at the two halves separated.

Step 3: Drilling Holes

drill several small holes using a drill bit.

Step 4: Drilling Leg Holes

there shall be 4 holes slightly smaller than your bolts.

Step 5: Leg Holes

inside look at the holes.

Step 6: Preparing Legs

but 4 nuts on your 4 bolts as picture shows.

Step 7: Putting Legs On

put a nut on the bottom side and the top side.

Step 8: Install Legs

Ad nut to bolt and adjust down a 1/4 inch..  Push the bolt through the hole and attach the remaining nut.  There will now be a nut on each side of the bottom of the mini BBQ.

Step 9: Putting Together

flip the top and lay it on the bottom half.

Step 10: Adding Handle

drill another hole to the right so you can lift the top half and feed the fire. 

Step 11: Painting

use a special kind of spray paint that is fire proof. 



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Can you show a step on how to put a fire in there?

This is so cool!! Can I really grill?