In this Instructable I will show you how to make a few office weapons while freshening your breath. 
Do Not Use To Hurt Anyone!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1 bic mechanical pencil
1 bic click pen
1 bic cap pen
2 any-brand cap pens
1 click pen with a top you can unscrew
1 pocket knife with metal file, pliers, and knife
10 toothpicks
Some scotch tape
And most importantly, an Altoids Tin!
lol the tin can be a weapon by knocking someone with the tin
YOU: 'grabs tin'<br>VICTIM: &quot;hey! wat are you doing with tha-&quot;<br>'THONG'<br>YOU: &quot;thats wat&quot;
<p>I admit thats realy funny. ;)</p>
You should add that in part of the instructables lol
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can we injure people
Those &quot;The Dog&quot; guys are so cute! Cool 'Ible too!
I concent
i improved this, its still rpg style but with 1 spring with a range of 2 meteres but when i get 2 springs it will be twice as powerful<br>
i dont get how this works. whats the range and how damaging?<br>
Ok, if you want to annoy someone, get a pen ink and cut it in half so you have a tube about 3cm long filled with ink. with this just stuff it in someone's pencil case and wait. after 5min, the ink gets runny and &quot;inks&quot; everything in the pencil case. i call it the Time Bomb<br>
u might need to tape the white part to the tub e- mine fell apart epic:) <br>
perfect for attacking people in the office when you are bored or being annoyed by your little sister and possibly your girl friend nagging all the time about you keeping secrets from them and mainly your parents
Great for secretisd school weapons at reasse<br>
PUT BETTER INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RPG PEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i built it and did it work? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry. did u cut off bumpy part? did u use different pen?

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Bio: I like building things, especially gadgets. The things I make are usually useful, odd, funny, or pointless.
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