Picture of Altoids Paracord Kit
There I was, I had just finished off the last Altoid in the tin. I had no idea what to do with it. I set it off to the side to work with my paracord, and it hit me. The Altoids Paracord Kit! Its a kit that has most everything you need to work with paracord. If you can think of anything else that could go into it, leave a comment, ill try to fit it in the tin.

Step 1: Contents

Picture of Contents
Here are the contents of the kit.

1. Lighter

2. Measuring Tape

3. Swiss Army Knife

4. Buckle

5. Key ring

6. Ball Bearing

7. Paracord Fid

8. Paracord

I will tell about the purpose for the contents in the following steps.

carterc1304 months ago

A fleet farm tape measure. do you live in wisconsin?

abkb1 year ago

love it but where can i get altoids thnks

Walmart, gas stations (gas station usually cost $1.00 more), and of course ebay, you can find anything on ebay.

dmacdo13 years ago
Thanks for the great idea!! I just started paracording about a week ago & I put one together today & added some things that I use. Saves on having to chase everything down when I'm ready to start working!! I use the yarn needles until I can find the Perma Loks. (Don't think I can make my own) Def a time saver! Thanks a million!!
(I threw in a couple pics of my tin & first projects)
DSC04900 copy.jpgDSC04902 copy.jpgDSC04887.JPGDSC04897.JPG
That One Eegit (author)  dmacdo13 years ago
Cool! Thanks for the pictures. Those are some really cool projects!
Mr.19113 years ago
I'm going to make one of these as soon as I get home. Really good idea.
That One Eegit (author)  Mr.19113 years ago
Thank you!
i made one and i put more paracord lighter and a d ring and it can come in handy i got to use it twice thanks nice instrutinons.
That One Eegit (author)  maincobra15093 years ago
jaberg3 years ago
Love the concept. I use a small "ditty bag" for my go-tools, but I have my eye on a tin now! I'd add a small pair of forceps -- useful for shielding the work while you burn a cut end as well as grabbing and pulling. I could see substituting a small box cutter or cuticle scissors for the SAK. Finally, a small tube of super glue is ideal for securing tips or turning the last 3" of small cord into an "insta-fid". (Not to mention as liquid band-aid when slice your finger open with the box cutter.)
I just asked my hubby to make this for me; I love working with paracord and can never find these items when I need them! Maybe add a D ring? Thanks for the great idea!
That One Eegit (author)  ShannonFloyd3 years ago
A D ring would be a great addition. Thanks for the feedback!
zazenergy3 years ago
Nice little kit you've got there!
That One Eegit (author)  zazenergy3 years ago
Thank You!