Step 6: Paracord Fid

I put this in for more easy knot tying. I love turks head knots, and this makes tying them so much easier. Credit goes to MacGyver9 for the invention of these.
<p>A fleet farm tape measure. do you live in wisconsin?</p>
<p>love it but where can i get altoids thnks</p>
<p>Walmart, gas stations (gas station usually cost $1.00 more), and of course ebay, you can find anything on ebay.</p>
Thanks for the great idea!! I just started paracording about a week ago &amp; I put one together today &amp; added some things that I use. Saves on having to chase everything down when I'm ready to start working!! I use the yarn needles until I can find the Perma Loks. (Don't think I can make my own) Def a time saver! Thanks a million!!<br>(I threw in a couple pics of my tin &amp; first projects)
Cool! Thanks for the pictures. Those are some really cool projects!
I'm going to make one of these as soon as I get home. Really good idea.
Thank you!
i made one and i put more paracord lighter and a d ring and it can come in handy i got to use it twice thanks nice instrutinons.
Love the concept. I use a small &quot;ditty bag&quot; for my go-tools, but I have my eye on a tin now! I'd add a small pair of forceps -- useful for shielding the work while you burn a cut end as well as grabbing and pulling. I could see substituting a small box cutter or cuticle scissors for the SAK. Finally, a small tube of super glue is ideal for securing tips or turning the last 3&quot; of small cord into an &quot;insta-fid&quot;. (Not to mention as liquid band-aid when slice your finger open with the box cutter.)
I just asked my hubby to make this for me; I love working with paracord and can never find these items when I need them! Maybe add a D ring? Thanks for the great idea!
A D ring would be a great addition. Thanks for the feedback!
Nice little kit you've got there!
Thank You!

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