Step 2: Making Your Game Boards

The game boards are made of paper and printed on a standard black and white printer.  I drew my game boards by hand in Microsoft Paint (ghetto, I know), then copied them to a Word file which I printed out.  The Word files (both  .doc  and  .docx) are attached below.

I would have preferred to have made the boards in Adobe Illustrator, because then they would be vector images and would be infinitely scalable.  However I made them during some downtime at work, where I don't have access to Adobe products.  If and when I finish the vector versions I will upload them here.

The Steps are:

*Pic. 1*  Print out the attached game boards, or draw and print your own.  To keep the boards thin, I printed mine double sided (for example, one side is a Chess board, the other side is Backgammon).

*Pic. 2*  Cut out the boards with scissors.  Make sure they fit comfortably in the Altoids tin.

*Pic. 3*   Using the packing tape, laminate first one side of a game board.

*Pic. 4*  Then laminate the other side.

*Pic. 5*  Trim off the excess tape.

*Pic. 6*   Repeat until all your boards are laminated.  They certainly aren't water proof, but at least now they're water resistant.
<p>Well done! You inspired to make my own tin. I included snakes and ladders, the dot game, a tic-tac-toe board/pieces, and a scrap pad of paper. I am using small rare earth magnets to hold the game-boards to the underside of the tin lid, which frees up more space, and holds the bag of game pieces securely to the lid. I tested your idea about using a hole punch for game pieces, and it works brilliantly. Also, you can use a silver sharpie marker as a base coat for game pieces, and then color over them with any other color permanent marker. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness.</p>
<p>Nice. This makes me want to play a go game. Who's in for a go game?</p>
Cool instructable!! i am making a Anti-Boredom kit and i might put some of these things in if i have some room (I don't think i will D:). If i do, i will give you the full credit! Also you have a typo, it is Farkle not Farkel.
neat, I'd love to see it.
I will post it sometime soon hopefully!!
Hello, <br>I am not sure if you are still around but I would really like to make this as a xmas gift and I can't access the downloads for the boards. The .doc is saying there is an administrative access problem and the .docx won't open with anything. I don't know if this is me or the links. If you have the chance to help that would be great!
Hello! I am indeed still around, but sadly my files for thee boards are not. I made on my old work computer which is long gone by now. I guess Instructables.com lost the files somehow during all the changes they made. I'll shoot them an email asking if they can fix it, but it won't be done by Christmas :( <br> <br>I'm glad you liked the 'ible, and I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.
J&oacute;pofa k&eacute;szlet, tetszik! :)
On-The-Go Go? I love it! 5/5 and faved.<br> Win Guy
Thanks :)
Awesome idea, I bet this makes traveling more fun!
Yeah, I'm never short on options now.
You should check out my instructable:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Backseat-Buddy-1/ <br>It's somewhat similar to this but I think you'll like it!
Nice! Best part was the cup holder. My car never has enough, and now I want a coke.
Hehe, games on the go, and you have go in your box...
Well done this is definitaly going to win the contest,<br>hope I can win the LED contest as well &quot;Star-Wars X-Wing 2&quot;
Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll go check out the LED contest, I haven't yet.
Thanks, and welcome!!
but will it blend?
Neat idea! <br><br>Throw in a AAA battery, a piece of gray play-dough and some electrical wire just to throw them off, then let me know if the TSA give you a more rigorous pat-down after their equipment finds this in your backpack. ;)<br>

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