Have you or your child ever been bored, with nothing to do? Well this is the perfect project for you! It is easy, and not to mention made of household items. If this is for your child, it can be a great gift or bonding experience. It creates hours worth of fun, with a little crafting and imagination!

Step 1: Supplies

These supplies are fairly simple, and you shouldn't need to go to the store to buy any.

-Altoids Tin
-Old AA Battery (not pictured)
-Small Doll or Figure
-Card Stock
-Glue/ Tape

(Sorry it's flipped wrong)

This is a genius idea and I am so making my sister this!!!<br>She is still in her doll stage, and loves tiny things, and was also bummed out that she wasn't getting an altoids tin survival kit for Christmas like all the &quot;big kids&quot; were, so she will love this! :0)
Thank you so much! It feels great that someone is using the idea.

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