Picture of Altoids Pocket-Sized Portable Doll House
carson's 218.JPG
Have you or your child ever been bored, with nothing to do? Well this is the perfect project for you! It is easy, and not to mention made of household items. If this is for your child, it can be a great gift or bonding experience. It creates hours worth of fun, with a little crafting and imagination!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
These supplies are fairly simple, and you shouldn't need to go to the store to buy any.

-Altoids Tin
-Old AA Battery (not pictured)
-Small Doll or Figure
-Card Stock
-Glue/ Tape

(Sorry it's flipped wrong)

Step 2: Bed/Refrigerator

Picture of Bed/Refrigerator
carson's 208.JPG
carson's 209.JPG
carson's 210.JPG
carson's 211.JPG
The bed/ refrigerator will be made out of the following supplies.

-Card Stock

Begin by covering the matchbox in white card stock. You can use any color but white will become handy later. You may use tape, but i used glue. If you used glue, let it dry.

After this is done, on one side of the covered matchbox, draw a bed. This consists of a blanket and pillow. (See picture)

On the other side draw a refrigerator. This is simple, but if you need to, see picture. 

Finally, add some color! Make a card stock pillow to cover the one you drew. Then, make a pattern on the blanket. I did polka dots. This is how the white comes into play, because it makes the color stands out. I didn't do anything for the fridge, but you can add tiny magnets or anything to your liking. 

Step 3: Line Tin

Picture of Line Tin
This is optional, but you should line your tin in card stock for looks. I did mine with playing cards. You may have to cut it down to make it fit, but it's worth it. The glue will probably have to dry overnight. Caution- Do not use too much glue or drying will take a very long time.
amandaggogo3 years ago
This is a genius idea and I am so making my sister this!!!
She is still in her doll stage, and loves tiny things, and was also bummed out that she wasn't getting an altoids tin survival kit for Christmas like all the "big kids" were, so she will love this! :0)
carsoncool (author)  amandaggogo3 years ago
Thank you so much! It feels great that someone is using the idea.