Altoids Pocket Survival Kit





Introduction: Altoids Pocket Survival Kit

This is my survival kit I made. Very useful in camping trips and survival situations.
Neat, Pocket size, and ready to GO!

Step 1: Contents

-Fishing hook
-2 Fire strikers
-6 straw Fire starters
-2 Bandages
-Mini Multi tool
-5 Matches
-2 Safety pins
- 2 Birthday candles
- Some salt
-3 feet of duct tape
-Fishing line
-sewing thread
-Razor blade
-2 Advil and other pills you might need
-Optional: Gum

Step 2: Your Done!

Feel free to add more stuff to your survival kit and customize it.
Some things i could of put=
-mini flashlight
-Dryer lint



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I read earlier (in another comment) that you wrapped paper around a straw and then wrapped duct tape around that. Why the paper? What am I missing? Couldn't I just wrapped duct tape around itself into a barrel shape? Sorry to be so dense...

Thank you!

Very cool kit! I included a multi tool in my Altoids instructable as well! What brand is yours?

One thing I've seen others do is use trick birthday candles instead of regular ones so that they are harder to blow out do to the gun powder in them. If you keep these ones, be sure that you light them for a second or two so that they are easier to light in a survival situation.

Check out my Altoids Kit if you get a chance! :)

To be honest, if you removed the multitool and say just slipped it in another pocket, there'd be tons of room for plenty of other important survival essentials. Not the best use of the space given but you did a good job.

How did you package your pills like that (specifically your "important pills")?

This is the best kit I've found 'till now. Thanks broseph!

What are the fire starting straws? Great kit!!

Hey are straws filled with cotton. Go check out my instructable on that!