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That's the end ! I hope you enjoy your new BBQ !

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Very clever! I love how efficiently you used the space.

Diebeetus6 years ago
I am going to cook a rat on one of these.
yecch! disgusting! but as bear grylls but food is energy and energy is movement but i would cook it thoroughly to kill any parasites and bacteria if you actually go through with that!
It isn't that bad actually. I have always liked my food really crispy even my pizza so I cook them really well done. Thanks for the info though.
man vs wild with bear grylls you wont believe the things he eats! grubs, lambs eyeballs, a turtle, a live fish! hell he even wrestled a gator, killed it, and ate it!
bear grylls is bogus and wasteful ... a true survival expert would not eat only the best meat from an animal and discard the rest
LONG LIVE MAN V. WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=SMART= (author)  Diebeetus6 years ago
Haha ewww
pinja715 years ago
that is awesome I am going to take this thing fishing with me
hobos would love this!
nr22374 years ago
would this work if you had a cardboardbox with aluminum foil inside?
celadood5 years ago
I don't have a dremel, or a hacksaw, but i just made this today and it's awesome! I used a screw and twisted until I could get it to poke through the other side(twss :P) then used a screwdriver, screwed it in, then unscrewed it, and it worked! Pretty great 'ible, NICE JOB! :D
THECHINABOY5 years ago
I like it. thanks.
harry885 years ago
totaly awsome
Bwchagnon6 years ago
Wow, this is great! I'm going to make one as soon as I get my hands on a can. Though I think it would be cool to drill a few holes in the cover and add a handle. That way if the food was slim enough you could close the lid and speed up the cooking time. Or add something to partially close it, which would be more practical.
You would have to drill more holes so that oxygen could get in or it would just put it out.It would be =smarter= hehe
=SMART= (author)  Bwchagnon6 years ago
Good idea
you can also put small ventilation holes for air so the fire will have oxygen and you can carry it if you have a solid non flammable insulator then after you start the fire you can transfer the flame and it can also cook something that may completely block the top
Graysky19046 years ago
haha, thats about the right size for the fish I ever catch.
try fishing at loon lake its near lillooet i caught 3 rainbows about 6-8 inces long if thats perfect for you then you must catch some small fish!
really nice I can superstack the BBQ, the survival kit and the altoids dough box (bread dough in a tin) which is optional to make a survival block I'm going to get 3 tins when i go down to vancouver or kamloops ps this can be used in the army (when they hear enemies they close the box to snuff out the fire (if it doesn't have a ventilation hole) or cover the flames so they don't have to relight the fire. if you have problems with deforming make it more rigid by, what do you call it? but what you do is that you stick it in the fire for a few seconds and stick it in water before it gets soft and gets all weird looking
wert556 years ago
if you put some cotton on the bottom it will be great fire. i also think you should have a toothpc or skewer for shish kabob
samyboyster6 years ago
guy906 years ago
Going on from what lilroud mentioned, purchase some fire cement and coat the inside, if you like - It'll insulate the heat, and it'll make the BBQ easier to pick up.I had a mini tin bbq, and after a number of sessions, the metal started to bend out of shape. Top idea, thanks for the upload
lilroud6 years ago
What about a VERY thin layer of wax on the bottom, and a wick system..... i dont know, take that and run with it........
guido57706 years ago
look i made a stand for it =)
Photo 17.jpg
xadevox6 years ago
I don't even put in the paper. i just pour some cooking oil on paper a paper towel and let it dry, then fold it and put it in the bottom of the tin. then iput in the sticks and light it up!
iSmack6 years ago
Hmmm..... Do you think I could cook leftover chicken on this? I'm going to go make it and my dad just grilled last night and we had some leftovers :D. It isnt a whole chicken, just little pieces cut up :O.
lololzak6 years ago
im gunna try it with a mini can!, then illl make 1 mini hot dog at a time!
Adam Casio6 years ago
Cool idea. :D thanks for posting it.
=SMART= (author)  Adam Casio6 years ago
Thanks :P
This would be great for those mini hotdogs that they sell
finnbear16 years ago
wicked, hope u add more soon could never have thought of that ty
spike22716 years ago
wow just about to make one I always have liked making tiny fires for the small rations idea out in the wild but never thought of something so creative thanks I think I'm going to have a blast with this!
Kike6 years ago
It's good are you shure that it will have fire?
lol i like it