Step 3: Preparing to launch Colonel!

In this step, we'll be preparing the antenna to be raised. When doing this project, take note of any areas where you can make things more efficient and keep portablility, strength, and quality in mind.

In the whole scheme of things, you need 4 cut pieces of antenna. The overhang, pole, pole holder, and the pole base.

I'll explain how exactly this should work. The overhang is the piece that holds the pendulum and magnet over the can, in the center, so measure a piece out of the tip of the antenna and cut. If you end up with a bit more than needed, don't worry, you'll be tying the string and it won't come off too easily.

Pole. The longest part you will be using, a bit less than 6 inches is suitible. You might end up with 1 and a quarter of an antenna piece, that'll retract a bit. I'm using the thickest portion of the antenna because it needs to be strong and long.

Pole Holder. This is cut from the middle section of the antenna where it's slightly smaller than the large end, so it fits inside. the Pole will slip on over this tiny piece.

Pole base is made from the same section of the antenna as the holder, and is what connects the entire pole, holder, and overhang to the altoids can. Make sure it's glued tight, later on.

For measurements:
Overhang:2 inches
Pole: 5 3/4 inches
Holder: 7/8 inch
Base: 1/2 inch

In case you haven't figured it out, you use the hacksaw to cut the pieces.Might want to use a clamp to hold the antenna in place while cutting.