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My wife asked me to make a scented wax melter we can take camping in the event we get a musty cabin. For this project you'll need the following;

- The carafe warmer from an old coffee maker.

- Wire cutters

- Wire strippers

- Solder & Soldering gun

- An electrical cord

- Heat shrink tubing (covers bare soldered wires) & heat source

- JB Weld

- A rubber bushing

- An old inner tube

- An altoids tin or other tin tin

- A lid from a jar

- Scented Wax

Time: Depending on experience level I'd say two hours but no more than three.

The steps are pretty straight forward.


tomatoskins (author)2016-10-18

What a great idea! Is there any safety concerns with running the warmer directly from an outlet?

smccart (author)tomatoskins2016-10-18

Thanks for your question.

A: None that I foresee. As long as it's used the same way any other scented wax melter is used (ie; flat and squarely on a flat level surface). It cools down quickly but it does get hot enough that you should let it cool before moving or putting away. The same is so for the hot wax. So, Disclaimer; Use with caution.

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