Step 1: Materials

What I put in my kit is subject to what I would need at school:
• Chapstick
• Money
• 4 quarters
• 3 Q- tips
• My name tag for school
• 4 ibuprofen pills
• 1 pen ( cut down)
• 1 pencil ( cut down )
• 1 mirror from a makeup kit
• 1 stick of gum
• 1 alcohol swab
• 4 band aids of various sizes

Step 2: Put Everything Inside

I hope you use this idea and make it even better in the comments
My school doesn't allow pills so here's mine:<br>1 pen cut down<br>Money<br>Two pieces of paper (1 cut in half)<br>3 mints<br>Earbuds<br>Copy of my ID<br>Alkaseltzer tablets<br>Band aids<br>3 q tips<br>1 bandaid
<p>Great project! Really cool! I don't have nearly as many things in the one I made, but I cut a rectangle out of the front of my Altoids tin and had a pencil sharpener showing, hot glued to the tin, so the shavings are caught inside. I also have a red pencil (a pen wouldn't fit) for marking tests, a small pencil, and an eraser.</p>

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