Step 1: Supplies

Altoids can, ranger band or duct tape, and 2 rare earth magnets

Step 2: Placing Magnets

Place both magnets on opposite sides of the altoids can. The stronger the magnet the more weight you can put in the altoids can.

Step 3:

Now it is time to put things in the altoids can. Like keys, money, knife, ect.

Step 4:

Put a ranger band or duct tape around the outside of the can to make sure it stays shut.

Step 5:

Find a piece of metal on the bottom of your car to attach it to.
<p>nice! for magnets you can use Hard drive magnets. they are super STRONG.</p>
<p>Smart.</p><p>Also. </p><p>Paint black. </p><p>Thanks.</p>
Get really strong rare earth magnets
<p>I am curious to find out if the magnets will hold if the car is bumping around?</p>
<p>Nice Idea</p>

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