Picture of Altoids Shocker!
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A dirt cheap altoids shocker that is easy to make. I made it in about 1 hour.
spirit x1 year ago
how'd you make it?
eneergcam (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
what do you need to know?  I used the electric spark thing from a lighter...
im just wondering...
eneergcam (author)  mettaurlover5 years ago
Ohh, okay
anyway im not allowed to take apart lighters anymore... last time i set my pants on fire...
eneergcam (author) 5 years ago
Oh well, it has happened to all of us...lol
Dude, check out my finished pair of wings for my glider. I might decide to do alierons, a rudder, and a prop. The alierons and rudder will moved with servos and and electric motor for the prop. May need some help from my electronics expert.(you silly ;) There is also a picture of my NEW fox hat.
Picture 004.jpgPicture 007.jpgPicture 001.jpg
Hey. This is not the best design fo a rc airplane try again. I would fecomend rounder wings and a more streamlined shape. Is the speed controler you will be using brush or brushless? Make sure the body is good to. Piano wire for the elevator and rudder connections. and good luck! )(seriosly thogh redo your wings.)
Soodime6 years ago
damn! ur one smart little due!
eneergcam (author)  Soodime6 years ago
hahaha, thanks. This was actually really easy. the latest thing ive been working on is a coilgun!
Soodime Soodime6 years ago
oops, i meant dude, not, due.
JTS9996 years ago
color watch batteries white
eneergcam (author) 6 years ago
thanks dwight!
___6 years ago
Cool! You should glue real altoids to it to make it look more realistic.