Picture of Altoids Sours BBQ Grill
I decided to try my hand at making an Altoids tin grill after reading about the eBq.  This one is powered by a standard-sized charcoal briquette and is capable of cooking a full-size hot dog (cut down to size) or smaller hamburger patties with ease.  It gets mighty hot after it's fired up so use plenty of caution and keep a large glass of water handy.

If you decide to make one of your own please post a picture in the comments!  I'd love to see what you guys are coming up with.  The propane version is coming soon! :D

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
step 01b - large grill.jpg
step 01c - small grill.jpg
step 01d - altoids sours.jpg
1 Altoids sours tin
4x 1.5" sheet metal screws with wide heads (or 4x washers to match)
8x nuts to thread on screws
70mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown)
92mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown)

* I scavenged my fan guards from an old computer power supply.  They just happened to be the correct size

** I think these are the same fan guards that I'm using: 70mm and 92mm

Dremel tool with cutting wheel
Drill with bit slightly bigger than screws
Tin snips
Pliers/Needle nose pliers
Safety goggles and gloves

Step 2: Remove bottom of tin

Picture of Remove bottom of tin
step 01e - tin with small grill.jpg
step 02b - bottom cut flares.jpg
step 02c - bottom cut flares.jpg
Using the small 70mm fan guard as a template, drill 4 holes in the tin slightly inside the screw holes.  They don't need to be perfect, but they should be close.

After you have the holes use a Dremel tool and cutting wheel to remove the center of the tin, leaving 2-3mm of metal around the holes you just drilled.  Remove enough metal so that the "tabs" with the 4 holes can easily bend outwards without altering the shape of the tin or breaking off.  When the metal is removed bend these tabs out slightly (~15 degrees)

Be careful of the sharp edges when you are cutting and bending, and always wear appropriate safety gear!

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donnyk made it!4 years ago
I was really impressed by your altoids BBQ grill. I wanted to do the same but couldn't find any altoid sours anywhere. I had some metal food containers laying around and decided to use those. Here's what I came up with.

It's a bit bigger. Holds 4 charcoal briquettes.

I also made a lid and used a drawer handle on top.

I grilled up some salmon today. It was ok. I think it needs to be hotter to get that delicious seared flesh thing going.

vmspionage (author)  donnyk4 years ago
Wow, that one turned out great! Thanks for sharing your project with us =)
yours looks awesome! what tin did u use?
I really don't know. It was part of a $99, 90-piece kitchen set from Fingerhut.
ch1pm0nk made it!4 years ago
Love the idea here. I just finished making my own, albeit a tad bit bigger. I made it out of a 1 cp measuring cup, some fan grills, and screws. Great job on the grill. I call mine the "No-Frills-Hill-Grill"
Mini Grill copy.jpg
vmspionage (author)  ch1pm0nk4 years ago
I love it! Looks like you did a great job putting this together. Did you make the upper grill yourself?
No the top grill part was cut out of another type of fan grill. Its a 120mm aluminum generic type, just a bit different from your typical circular fan grill.

I see there haven't been comments in quite awhile, but had to comment! Made this for my son and son-in-law and packaged it in an "apocalypse" designed painted can (yes - they both watch that show) with other small survival items and it was a HUGE hit!!! I'll try to post a pic if they ever let them out of their sight!!

davidbarcomb5 months ago

Amazing project. Thank you very much

im gonna make this
That is so cool!!
c3ralki1l3r2 years ago
what kind of grill could you make form a square one?
-l WORK l-3 years ago
Nice grill but I was wondering what was the bottom fan part of the grill is for?
to put little tools to clean the grill with
gwestlun made it!4 years ago
Good news, Valentines day and Easter is putting out metal containers of M&M's
you can use instead of the Altoids tin. Made one today and it turned out great!
M & M grill.jpghand.jpgcover n grill.jpgside.jpgtop on.jpgtopside.jpg
what size fan fan guards did you use?
I used three and four inch, just cut down to the size that fits and away you go!
nice pics
Thanks for the compliment, I used a canvas paper as a backround. worked great!
How did you attach the handle to the top?

I have one of those tins, and I made one, but with shorter feet.

I just need to know...
I used a brass nail, it even had a slight twist to it's body so It looks special. I used JB weld underneath. holds great! good luck and pls post your pics, thanks!
Can you buy the containers online anywhere? If so please send me a link.
I haven't looked on line, just had some from Christmas, Easter, and Valentines day from Walgreens, target.
I have a few of these kicking around- I just may have to make one or two of these.
Looks good. Nice work.
BIGB3AR2 years ago
Works great. I love it. Cooks hotdogs well.
diycook3 years ago
I love the mini weber but is the coolest ever... but are the fan grills safe to cook on?? I know that some metal surfaces are unsafe once you heat them?? Just a question as I will be making one of these for my son and he WILL use it!!!!!!
good question
mason01903 years ago
Maybe if you used shorter screws this could be collapsible!
Chumlee3 years ago
i live in england an no way near me sells altoids sours, any ideas of other tins?

Frowney0013 years ago
I am soooo gonna make this before next weekend, so I can show it off at the camping trip with the other Boy Scouts in my troop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's exactly what I'm gonna' do!
Hi. I apologize for the lack of knowledge which led me to ask this question in the first place (thanks for the great gift idea btw!) but where does one find a fan guard in a computer (which computer part?) and do they need to be those particular sizes? thank you for any help!
vmspionage (author)  r3cycl3dartrat4 years ago
If you are trying to salvage them from an old computer that's about to go to the dump, you can usually find them on the back of the case and inside on the power supply. The thing is they are not always the same style and size, and what you find may not work for something like this. This website sells what looks to be the same ones I used, but I didn't purchase them so I can't say for sure. Mine came off a dead computer power supply and just happened to be the right size. 70mm 92mm If all else fails, improvise! =)
vmspionage (author)  vmspionage4 years ago
any disscount codes?
K. Thanks
bbutler43 years ago
I have a candy tin and everything else but the Computer Fan Guards. I don't have an old computer. Any stores sell them seperate
profpat3 years ago
great for camping!! i like it!
NE patsrock3 years ago
it really looks like a grill
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