Hey this is my first instuctable.I had a problem but then I used the spy watch and put all in the can and we'll problem solved

Step 1: The Watch

Sorry I do not have picture but if u look on the back of the watch there should be four screws.Un -screw them

Step 2: More Screws

U should find more screws now remove all to really start

Step 3: Take Out All Parts

Look at the top

Step 4: Save Buttons

Save the buttons for later

Step 5: Putting It in the Can

I would recommend putting the pets side ways in the can

Step 6: Ur Done

All u got to do is put the buttons on the thing and u are good

Step 7: Ur Done Part Two

Now make holes for speakers and camera
you need to use better descriptions.. I don't even know what's going on..
<p>thanks for following me, but may i ask why? also you really need to edit this or remove it. sorry but this is not good</p>
I thank u for the advice I am glad u think it is a good idea.I will use that advice the next thing I make.to answer your questions.u can use any watch but I would recommend using the one from spy net company.The tools were electrical tape and small screw driver.And could u go more into detail about the last question
So I could do this with any watch? Seriously though, what items were used and maybe even why you didnt use the top to mount the watch? Not bad idea for sure but a little lacking I feel.

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