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Hi I'm BudgetBugout and in this Instructable I show you my new and improved Altoids survival kit!  Although this kit is tailored to my specific needs and environment I believe that the basics of this kit are applicable to everyone!  Feel free to leave comments or suggestions so that we can learn from each other!  If you enjoy survival kit videos, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/BudgetBugout

Also, if you'd like to view the YouTube video of this kit click here.

Thanks and God bless!!!


The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore and feel alive!  However, those feeling can quickly vanish if you're trapped or lost in the wild.  Useful for hiking, camping or everyday carry; this pocket survival kit is a convenient and inexpensive way to provide survival essentials!

Here are all of the items in my Altoids Survival Kit:

1x CRKT Ritter Mk5 fixed blade knife
1x Streamlight Nano flashlight
1x Whistle 
8x Water purification tablets
1x Compass
1x Mirror
1x Coffee filter
4x Waterproof matches
1x Mini Bic lighter
4x Strips of Gorilla Tape [1" wide]
1x Razor blade
2x Cotton balls
1x Lint ball
1x Dollar bill
1x Striker for matches
2x Needles
2x Pins
1x Spool of dental floss
2x Fishing hooks
2x Fishing sinkers
1x Crazy Glue
2x Bandaids
1x MRE Beverage bag
2x Alcohol prep pads
1x One foot of tin foil
1x Altoids Tin
1x Tweezers

Step 1: Contents

Picture of Contents
Here are all the contents laid out!

In the subsequent steps I will show you how I build this kit, the capabilities of this tin and the purpose of each item!
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Would be cool if we could come up with a version that you could keep in a belt..ie the old money belt..put the knife in the front..the lighter in ther middle back. and rest of gear in between..thoughts?
This sounds great. I have
not tried it yet but will. Also will include both a condom and mini tampon. Great for multiple purposes. What is best size can.. which can also be used to cook food.
hp55519352 months ago

Why do you include the 2 dollar bill? Beyond it's obvious use as money? 2 dollars isn't much money so why not a $20 or a $50? The cotton infused paper might make a decent filter or container for something like salt or loose gunpowder but why is it included?

Ringer15151 year ago

a good idea for water carrier is a condom... yes a condom it can hold tons of water and it is very compact for storage.

AND it could come in hand in times of peace and love as well!

Gee, just think, if HIV had been a problem back during the Woodstock Festival, and condoms had been a "must use, " the whole dynamic of Peace, Love & Music as well as spontaneity would have been much reduced.
I don't think anyone brought condoms to Woodstock. I sure didn't!
A ballon might work better & it's not full of "other" stuff
fluffydragon10 months ago

Bonus points for using the container in every shot.

Product Placement: 500 points!

What haven't you done to that altoids tin? You have out it in water, next to a small fire, hung it by a string, and put bandages on it! Lol :)

Almost as bad as the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem Witch Trials...

This is really a well thought out kit. I have one suggestion. I have been a surgeon for over 30 years. The alcohol pads will not be sufficient to disinfect a wound. They will only sting. It takes about 5 minutes of contact time to disinfect. Perhaps if you soaked a couple of cotton balls in concentrated betadine or chlorhexidine then you could drop them into a small amount of water and have a really effective disinfectant. The chlorhexidine is better and you want about a 10 to 1 dilution. The betadine should be diluted to the color of weak tea.

chlorhexadine - is that the stuff in "hibiclens"?

Yes that is a brand name. It is better than betadine. It has residual anti-infective effects. I would drip it into the clean wound then bandage over it.

In spite of drenching the area and scrubbing with it(twice - night & next morning) before my knee was replaced, I still ended up with the worst MRSA infection, ever. It took 3 more surgeries & IV antibiotics to get rid of it. My poor quadricept muscle has a big indentation in it. that sucker is deep. I can almost use it as a cup holder !-)
LesB2 months ago

Great idea!
You might want to consider leaving a couple of the Altoids in. You shouldn't be dealing with some dire emergency with bad breath!

DachsieMommie2 months ago
whatta great idea! I have most of the items just sitting around the place, including a brand new rectangular Altoids tin. All I need to do is put it together. Thanks!

PS: I also have about 10 "Sour Altoid" round tins. Maybe they can be used in a similar manner to create small "emergency kits" for various situations. Anyone have any good ideas? Let's hear them...

Here's what it looks like. Since I live in Oregon, and have a medical Marijuana card, I keep a bit of "medicine" in one. Therefore, I'll start the list with

1. Emergency medicine kit.
BlackSheep12 months ago

I might recommend you add more than 1 $1 bill -- say a $5 instead?

If you add a hook needle (upholstery needle small) you can do your own sutures using the floss. And if the dollar bills are new and dry you can use them to strike a paper match
kidharris1 year ago

You can also empty the tin, poke a little hole in the top of the tin, fill it with scrap cotton cloth or other tender, and throw it into the fire and wait until it quits smoking to make char cloth to replace your cotton ball kindling in an emergency. The tin will be uglier, but still be useable, just wipe it off and fill it back up. Wrap the char cloth in a little piece of your aluminum foil and stick it in your pocket.

If you had an aluminum or stainless steel tin you could use it boil water or cook on.

For water proofing , I would just put the tin in a ziplock bag and replace the bags as they get worn. In an emergency the bag could be used to put the rest of the stuff in when you are using the tin for some other use, carry scrap food /water, as fuel/kindling, or when filled with clear water it can be used as a magnifying glass to start a fire.

Your tin is ok, but I would rather have something a little bigger and would at least add a space blanket and compact clear plastic poncho. The blanket can help you stay warm or cool, make a small shelter/tent, offer some protection if you had to make a run thru a fire, and be used for signalling. The poncho can keep you or your gear, dryer and warmer, also be used for shelter, used as a makeshift bag/backpack, make a fish trap, and make a solar still or to collect dew to get some drinking water.

The cloth is more flammable, i second this idea..
PHamm54 kidharris2 months ago
Great ideas, do u have a website or u tube videos?
dpochenk2 months ago
Mine includes a Toothbrush with the other end cut like a shank :P
Budget knife and functional for brushing your teeth
I love it but I don't think a 18 dollar knife is a budget. A bag or something would be good for Carring or purifying water.
If it saves your life it would've worth its weight in gold!
mjk03073 months ago
This may sound weird but put a trick birthday candle in there that way wind can't blow it out.
PHamm54 mjk03072 months ago
Great idea! What makes a "magic candle" "magic? Wonder if we can diy it?

Brilliant idea, why didn't anyone else think of that!

cheezyguy59 months ago

If you replace the Krazy Glue and Band-Aids with First Aid Superglue, this would be the best mini survival kit out there!

First aid super glue is the exact same thing; crazy glue or a generic is cheaper
ryalvo6 months ago
ermergerd. amazing
OMG I love this I will have to make one. Thanks.
Master Wasi 4710 months ago

Nice kit. Lots of great ideas. Thank you.

Master Wasi10 months ago

Very nice!

brucegm1 year ago

on thing that i would consider adding a small candle ie birthday candle as the wax can be handy to water proof or seal and the wick could be used with animal fat for lighting or just use the candle

Chandler081 year ago
Thank for the ideas
nice! got my vote also.
WoundedEgo1 year ago

You could probably squeeze in a fishing hook.

ggia11 year ago
Excellent images and ideas. Thank you.
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