Hey everybody!  Sit back, relax and watch as I share with you a back up kit that I keep on me at all times when I'm in the great outdoors!  If you were placed in a survival situation are you prepared? 

<p>why have matches and bic lighter? and great kit!</p>
<p>I see evolution between your first and this version. Gone are the multi-tool, flint-fire starter and R.I.R. paper. Is there a reason some or all of this was eliminated?</p>
<p>you could add a cut to fit thin pocket plastic magnifier glass, this could be used to start fires and used to see with close up if you need glasses.</p>
<p>what is the shot used for?</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>I suggest putting the crazy glue in a small bag to seal it off from the other stuff.....trust me on this.</p>
<p>You could put a bigger mirror on the back of the altoids tin and the mirror having a cover also</p>
<p>then you could also add another one like EyeWanders' and have paracord wrapped in there</p>
Do you know where you can buy whirl paks? I'd also add steri-strips, they are used to close wounds and are really small.
Very comprehensive, You are the Big Daddy of Altoids Kits!

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Bio: As my user name indicates I take a budgeted approach to survival. Check out my creative survival kits and more on YouTube! http://www.youtube ...
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