Altoids Survival Kit 2.1





Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit 2.1

About: As my user name indicates I take a budgeted approach to survival. Check out my creative survival kits and more on YouTube!

Hey everybody!  Sit back, relax and watch as I share with you a back up kit that I keep on me at all times when I'm in the great outdoors!  If you were placed in a survival situation are you prepared? 



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    why have matches and bic lighter? and great kit!

    I see evolution between your first and this version. Gone are the multi-tool, flint-fire starter and R.I.R. paper. Is there a reason some or all of this was eliminated?

    you could add a cut to fit thin pocket plastic magnifier glass, this could be used to start fires and used to see with close up if you need glasses.

    what is the shot used for?

    Thank you

    I suggest putting the crazy glue in a small bag to seal it off from the other me on this.

    You could put a bigger mirror on the back of the altoids tin and the mirror having a cover also

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    then you could also add another one like EyeWanders' and have paracord wrapped in there

    Do you know where you can buy whirl paks? I'd also add steri-strips, they are used to close wounds and are really small.

    Very comprehensive, You are the Big Daddy of Altoids Kits!