Picture of Altoids Survival Kit
This survival kit i have entered in the outdoor projects contest so pleeease VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Step 1: What It Is

Hey guys the outdoorskid here with my first instructable it is my w.s.h.t.f kit ( when sh$& hits the fan kit) it is for wilderness uses if you pull this out in the city you might get some weird looks

Step 2: Contents

Picture of Contents
My kit contains the following items all have many uses : rangerband, duct tape 15 feet, about 8 feet of paracord, lighter, crayon, half a hot glue stick, small gerber knife, cotton ball, razor blade, 2 band aids, tinfoil , zippo stricker, 4 matches, some paper, elastic

Step 3: Uses

This is my personal survival kit you should make yours to fit your needs not mine. I am adding fishing line and hooks but I didnt have enough space. Also every component of your kit should have at least 5 uses, if not replace it with something better!

Step 4: Your Done

This kit cost me about $0 dollars total but all the materials for it could cost you around $30 ( only because the knife ) the outdoorskid, out!
garysan68 1 year ago

crayons make excellent candles and can be used as an improvised way to seal a wound. If you have to take notes there great for that too.

Mattakers1 year ago
Great, but you need more first aid stuff. You never know what gonna happen out there in the woods.
the outdoorskid (author) 1 year ago
Yeah they are a wonderfull firestarter
-Omar1 year ago
Good job
the outdoorskid (author) 1 year ago
I would love some comments