Picture of Altoids Survival Kit
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This is a small and compact survival kit that you can take any where

Step 1: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together
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First of all of course you need a regular size altoids or sucrets container to put your survival items in
Emperor Towhid10 months ago

I like it

Mattakers1 year ago
That won't work. Do you really think the sun will boil water? I'm just trying to help. Water purification tablets would be a good addition.
anthonyflores (author) 1 year ago
I take this to school and you can use foil to hold the water and the foil will catch the sun and warm it while killing bacteria
Mattakers1 year ago
Ok, but you need stuff for water filtration and storage. I would definitely carry a knife in it. I use a pouch because it can store more in it.