Altoids Survival Kit




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Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

I hope you won't ever have to use this but if you do here it is & it has alot of stuff you would need in the wilderness.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
-altoids tin(1 regular size, 1 small)
-5 band aids
-cotton ball(1 or 2)
-2 rubber bands
-1 hairband
-2 cleansing pads
- wax paper
-1 oatmeal packet
- knife
- scissor blade
- tinfoil
- small candle
- ibuprofen (4 or 5 pills)
- Cotten swabs (5 or 6)
- matches (10 to 15)*
- match striker*
- candle wick*
-bobby pin*
- candle wax*
- needle*
- 2 paper clips *
- safety pin*
- fishing wire(wrap around safety pin)*
- anything else you can think of that will fit.
!!! Anything with * beside it goes in mini altoids tin!!!

Step 2: Pack

Put the right things in the right tins & enjoy!

Step 3: Your Done!



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    Thx! You might lose one of them. Or you could use the scissor blade as an arrow or spear.

    looks nice! Why do both the knife and the scissor blade? No criticism: just wondering at intended uses.