I know most you all have your big 'ol first aid kits and I know most just throw them in their vehicle. And while some carry big backpacks, I like to carry just a small bag with me, with not a lot of room for medical supplies. So I created a little and extensive medical kit that fits in an altoids tin!
8+ different sized rubber bands
small scissors
5 Ibuprofen
3 Tums
4 gauze pads
12 matches
2 strikes pads
waterproof tape
10 different sized band aids
a watch battery
3 super bright LEDs
2 candles
4 different sized sewing needles
1 push pin
and instructions for first aid (adult and child)

also adding hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. And yes, this all fits in an altoids tin! 

Step 1: Supplies

The best place to buy supplies for this first aid kit is the Dollar Tree and then Walmart. I was able to get a lot of cheap things at the Dollar Tree including:
10 boxes of matches
Gauze Pads
Waterproof Tape
Band Aids
Watch Battery
Rubber Bands
and Floss

Then I headed over to Walmart and found some more useful stuff including:
Assorted Sewing Needs
Small Sewing Kit (Scissors, Thread, Pins, Plastic Pouch)
and Razor Blades

Why do you have a pair of scissors. Where is the knife?
the honey altoids are gone (crys)
Altoids Survival Kits are simply way too many. <br>They are more a concept of &quot;What to put inside this marvellows tin container&quot;.<br><br>But anyway your selection of items is good !!<br><br>I'm generally very skeptic of all those that include fishing hooks and lines, since 99% of us are carrying those kits as EDC in urban environment.<br>Glade you left those out.

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