Picture of Altoids Survival Kit
I know most you all have your big 'ol first aid kits and I know most just throw them in their vehicle. And while some carry big backpacks, I like to carry just a small bag with me, with not a lot of room for medical supplies. So I created a little and extensive medical kit that fits in an altoids tin!
8+ different sized rubber bands
small scissors
5 Ibuprofen
3 Tums
4 gauze pads
12 matches
2 strikes pads
waterproof tape
10 different sized band aids
a watch battery
3 super bright LEDs
2 candles
4 different sized sewing needles
1 push pin
and instructions for first aid (adult and child)

also adding hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol. And yes, this all fits in an altoids tin! 

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The best place to buy supplies for this first aid kit is the Dollar Tree and then Walmart. I was able to get a lot of cheap things at the Dollar Tree including:
10 boxes of matches
Gauze Pads
Waterproof Tape
Band Aids
Watch Battery
Rubber Bands
and Floss

Then I headed over to Walmart and found some more useful stuff including:
Assorted Sewing Needs
Small Sewing Kit (Scissors, Thread, Pins, Plastic Pouch)
and Razor Blades

Why do you have a pair of scissors. Where is the knife?
usafbrat2 years ago
the honey altoids are gone (crys)
EmcySquare4 years ago
Altoids Survival Kits are simply way too many.
They are more a concept of "What to put inside this marvellows tin container".

But anyway your selection of items is good !!

I'm generally very skeptic of all those that include fishing hooks and lines, since 99% of us are carrying those kits as EDC in urban environment.
Glade you left those out.