Picture of Altoids Survival Kit
If you have ever been stuck in the woods you know that this kit would be useful, also, making this kit is fun and makes you think. I also Reccomend along with this kit you also carry a good knife, firestarter, and paracord bracelet. Hope you enjoy!
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Step 1: Knife

Picture of Knife
Have a small pen knife or multi tool to cut objects

Step 2: Fire

Picture of Fire
Matches, lighter, flint, it's all up to you!

Step 3: Salt And Pepper

Picture of Salt And Pepper
Add this to wild game or for a quick energy boost!

Step 4: Fishing

Picture of Fishing
Add a fishing hook and line, and weights and bobbers if you like.

Step 5: Paperclips And Safety Pin

Picture of Paperclips And Safety Pin
To make lockpicks

Step 6: Money

Picture of Money
Preferably quarters, these are for pay phone you will find in cities or major highways

Step 7: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
For minor clothes repair

Step 8: Flashlight

Picture of Flashlight
To see your way thru the knight

Step 9: Foil

Picture of Foil
To cook

Step 10: Whistle

Picture of Whistle
First aid

Step 11: Compass

Picture of Compass
To navigate

Step 12: Wire And Cordage

Picture of Wire And Cordage
For shelter and snares

Step 13: Band Aids

Picture of Band Aids
To heal cuts, you can add more first aid if you have room, as I did not

Step 14: Survival Guides

Picture of Survival Guides
This one was written by beat grylls and you will probably forget everything in panic

Step 15: Your Done!!!!

Picture of Your Done!!!!
Thanks for reading my instructable, and chek Out my YouTube channel that has a review on this at Www.youtube.com/user/themightydozer
Very cool! I'm surprised how many people don't have knives in their kits! Here's a link to my kit:
Why a whistle for first aid
themightydozer (author) 1 year ago
@reiff. You dont know whether your survival situation will be natural or manmade, wilderness or urban, and sometimes people forget keys.
Reiff1 year ago
Why would you need to pick locks?
Reiff1 year ago
Just wondering but did you get the "Bear Grylls pocket survival handbook" from Bear's knife, or any other one of his products? Just wondering, I have the same book that came with the "Bear Grylls knife".
Always handy to have a survival kit around!