Altoids Survival Kit and Keychain Survival





Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit and Keychain Survival

Wow, has a lot of people giving their idea what is a perfect survival kit. Well, that's just great. So this survival kit will be like all the rest...

Step 1: Introduction to Surviving

Just remember KNOWLEDGE and SURVIVAL is the key. If you don't have that you're already dead. One of the best FREE PDF files is the

UPDATE: I don't know how else to say this but this is probably the most important of all the steps. I'm sorry there is no flashy images, no fancy graphics, no videos, nothing exciting; but real survival real real survival is knowledge. Knowledge and that can come in all forms you can make all the "Survival Kits" you want but without the knowledge on what to do with it your dead. One great way of knowing if you can survive in a situation is to know how to use your surrounding. I'm not going to try and tell you how to survive cause I don't know what your situation is. If you want some information on how to survive in various places read this guide/pdf. 

Army's Survival Manual. it's very lengthy but it includes a $#!!-load of information.

Step 2: Keychain Survival

Here is my keychain survival kit.

A muli-tool
A crank-charging flashlight
A 6-in-1 tool
A bandana
Spare bag

My first aid kit:

Antibacterial Bandages
Alcohol Pads
Anti-Itch Wipe
Cloraseptic Orel Anesthetic/Anagesic Strips
Emergency Cash
Antiseptic Wipes
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Hand Sanitizer
Throw away thermometers
nail clippers with a blade and bottle opener.
Eye Drops (travel size)

Step 3: Altoids' Survival Kit

My altoids' survival kit:

1 beef flavor package (taken from Ramen noodle)
1 Tea packet (Lemon Gensing flavor)
2 fishing hooks
safety pins
2 birthday candles
1 piece of gum
1 piece of 4ft string/shoelace
1 LED flashlight
1 multi-tool
1 package of matches
2 Band-Aids
2 Alcohol Pads
1 plastic bag

Step 4: My Ultimate Survial Kit

Wow seems like a lot when it's not packed....

here's a short list of what is there:
emergency blanket
small tarp
inflatable pillow(s)
wind breaker jacket
Altoids BBQ Grill (search instructables to create your own)
Altoids Survival Kit
Stool with pockets
Mess Kit
Spare batteries for anything that needs it.
shammy towels
sewing kit

Step 5: Make Your Own Survival Kits

Most survival kits include the following:
(this is taken straight from the Army Survival Manual)

" Waterpurification tablets, non-lubricated condoms for carrying water, bleach, povidone-iodine
drops, cravats, sponges, small plastic or rubber tubing, collapsible canteens or water bags.
" Firelighter, metal match, waterproof matches, magnesium bar, candle, magnifying lens.
" Shelter550 parachute cord, large knife, machete or hatchet, poncho, space blanket, hammock,
mosquito net, wire saw.
" Foodknife, snare wire, fishhooks, fish and snare line, bouillon cubes or soup packets, highenergy
food bars, granola bars, gill or yeti net, aluminum foil, freezer bags.
" Medicaloxytetracycline tablets (to treat diarrhea or infection), surgical blades or surgical
preparation knife, butterfly sutures, lip balm, safety pins, sutures, antidiarrheal medication
(imodium), antimalarial medication (doxycycline), broad-spectrum antibiotics (rocephin and
zithromax) and broad spectrum topical ophthalmic (eye) antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory
(ibuprofen), petrolatum gauze, and soap. Medical items may make up approximately 50 percent of
your survival kit.
" Signalsignaling mirror, strobe, pen flares, whistle, U.S. flag, pilot scarf or other bright orange
silk scarf, glint tape, flashlight, laser pointer, solar blanket.
" Miscellaneouswrist compass, needle and thread, money, extra eyeglasses, knife sharpener, cork,
camouflage stick, and survival manual.



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    i have the flashlight in your kit :)

    You DON'T WANT the 88 cent Walmart knife. Please watch "127 Hours" to find out why not. Please get a good quality knife!

    Also, the beef flavor would hardly provide any protein, but I include something similar (a beef bouillon cube) and also tea for a couple of different reasons: if you're cold and fighting hypothermia you can drink hot tea or broth but hot water would just make most people puke (body's natural reaction); and it can be a psychological boost to have a comforting hot drink to keep fighting for survival (remember you need to keep the survival mindset and the willingness to stay alive in harsh and lonely conditions).

    Even though some army survival guide uses condoms for water storage, they've actually been proven to be very bad for that. Not only are they easy to break, they also don't hold much water. Latex also tends to stick together after it's been wet once. A clear plastic bag works much better and can also be used as a solar still to collect water if you wrap it and close it tightly around a tree branch with leaves in the sun. Water from the leaves will condensate on the plastic bag. Dual purpose, yeah! :)

    Good point about the 88 cent knife. The only think the 88 cent knife is really good for is poking something, if your trying to cut ANYTHING with it ain't happening. I've gotten more use out of the small scissors that's on it it seems to cut thread and fishing lines pretty good. I don't really use the one in the Altoids tin, the one I bought at Cabella's for $5 actually is pretty good about cutting skin as I've had to bandage my fingers (and hand once) on occasions. Like I said before the 88 cent knife is pretty much good for poking and fitting nicely into an Altoids tin.

    As for the beef flavoring for protein I don't know what to say about that, in that I'm not a food expert, but it does have a lot of salt and it fits nicely into an Altoids tin but so does a couple of beef bullion cubes so your choice. don't know what to say about the tea.

    condoms for water storage... yeah latex is bad, especially if your allergic to it. They do have a condoms that aren't latex and aren't non-lubricated. A plastic sandwich bag would work too and both fit nicely in an Altoids tin.

    These two kits in are what I started out with, I change items around to how I use certain items, update items that need updating, change things around so nothing is completely the same. For example I took the shoestring out and replaced it with fishing line. I had to replace the gum and tea in Altoids tin because it got wet (NOTE: Altoids Tins are not water-proof, if going for a swim and your Altoids Tin is in your back-pocket make sure it's in that condom/plastic baggie before you go swimming)

    Thanks for all your comments, if there is something you don't like about this instructable fine, please be specific so maybe I can make an appropriate change. If you think that MY Survival Kit is missing something or something can be add that's fine you can make your own and add what you feel what needs to be in YOUR Survival Kit. If you feel I need to explain on how to use each and every item in the kit I refer you back to Step 1. I'm not going to try and tell you how to survive cause I don't know what your situation is."


    Thanks I think, hope you enjoy yours too.

    You might want to think about fishing gear.

    Hmmm... fishing gear??? hmmmm.... a long stick, twine/string, and hook/safety pin, yep I got it. If bait needed plenty of insects and worms., unless it's in a really harsh winter environment.