Step 2: Keychain Survival

Picture of Keychain Survival
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2009-06-29 19.30.44.jpg
Here is my keychain survival kit.

A muli-tool
A crank-charging flashlight
A 6-in-1 tool
A bandana
Spare bag

My first aid kit:

Antibacterial Bandages
Alcohol Pads
Anti-Itch Wipe
Cloraseptic Orel Anesthetic/Anagesic Strips
Emergency Cash
Antiseptic Wipes
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Hand Sanitizer
Throw away thermometers
nail clippers with a blade and bottle opener.
Eye Drops (travel size)

thinshade4 years ago
Sorry for my stupid question, in my country (romania) you can make emergency calls at 112 (911) without sim-card inserted in cellular phone and for other emergency situations you can buy nothing with 2$. Anyway, thank you for reply.
jtmax24 (author)  thinshade4 years ago
Yes, thank you for mentioning about the SIM card removal. Cellphones are a great piece of technology. Yes, you can call for Emergency by removing the SIM card on MOST cell phones. But hopefully you find a charged (partly charged).

No question is stupid, i'm sorry if I made you feel that way. It had been a long week, and I was just exetremly tired.
thinshade4 years ago
two dollars ? for what ?
jtmax24 (author)  thinshade4 years ago
Wow, what a question. When I say $2 it's what I had in my kit at the time. The caption clear said EMERGENCY CASH. This could have been any amount of cash that I happen to stash away. The cash amounts varies being it's always replenishes in some form of amount, being it could be as much as $20 or as little as 4 quarters. Yes, $2 might seem small for emergency cash, maybe $20 seems to much. Maybe some people may want to put a credit card or phone card.

One thing I did add to my kit is an emergency contact list just encase, which is a list of various emergency numbers like AAA, 911, and family&friends numbers.

RZombie792 years ago
I like that you added a foldable shopping bag. I keep a few of these in my purse along with my survival kit. I like the idea of having a back up container, just in case your primary survival container breaks. A foldable shopping bag could be used for many things, signaling, storeage of clothing/found items, stuff with leaves for a pillow/seat. Plus it does not add any weight and they usually hold around 25 pounds.