Altoids Survival Kit





Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

Take an empty Altoid tin and jam-pack it full of survival tools!!!! This kit is designed to save your life in an unfortunate outdoor situation. Hopefully you won't have to use it but it is always a nice feeling having it in your pocket while camping, hiking, or backpacking. Also please be sure to check out the new video!

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you'll need:

1 Altoids Tin (empty)-this will be used to store all the items in the kit
1 Large Trash Bag-this have many uses including a poncho, shelter, or whatever else you can think of
5 Rubber Bands-3 will be used to wrap around the trash bag, 1 for the fishing line, and 1 for the cord
4 Fish Hooks and 20 Ft. of fishing line- these can be used to make a fishing rod, with which you can catch fish to eat
10 Ft. of Cord- this can be used to help make a shelter, keep food out of reach of bears, or whatever else you might need it for
1 BSA Hot Spark-this is flint and steel combination that serves as a fire starter if your matches won't lite
5 Matches-used to start fires
1 Match Striker Piece-used to strike matches on
1 Birthday Candle-this can be used to coat the cotton balls in wax to make them waterproof or as a temporary light source
2 Cotton Balls-great for starting fires especially in coated with wax or petroleum jelly

Lets get started!

Step 2: Rubberbanding and Placement of Trashbag

First roll your trash bag so that it can fit into the Altiods tin. Then place 3 rubber bands around it to stop it from unrolling. Then place the rubber banded trash bag into the tin.

Step 3: Putting in Some Other Stuff

For this part get your hot spark, matches, and candle and place them in the side of the tin that doesn't have the trash bag. Then put the hooks, fishing line, match striker on top. Place the cotton balls on top of that. Place one end of the cord in the tin and close.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Once you have the cord firmly in the tin wrap it around the tin's exterior until your cord is wrapped all the way around. Then rubber band it in place and you are done!!!



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    Where you a Boy Scout too???

    You might wanna include a knife in yours kit. Most survival experts agree that it's the #1 tool to have in a survival situation. :)

    I just uploaded my kit. I always find it amazing how many different ideas are out there for these kits.

    Add band aids and a home made antibiotic tube (made with cut and sealed straws), and kitchen matches dipped in wax to make them water resistant-
    Great kit for Scouts to carry!

    well, I sometimes have trouble lighting them, sometimes the red and white stuff just crumbles off =/

    That is because they are old matches. Or they absorbed a little moisture at some point in time. If you really want matches then spend the money (<$5) on UCO's weatherproof matches. Damn things can't be put out in water when lit. Plus you get extra strikers. I also have a mini bic lighter and a small fire steel

    You can also opt for this sparker/tender kit. Works with one hand.

    Have fun and "Get your Smokey on"

    Another option is to dip the matches in clear nail polish the abrasive lighting surface will strip it away during lighting. If you dip one half then the other after it dries the entire match becomes water proofed. Clipping them in half saves space and keeps them useful as well.

    that is true but you will only have x amount of matches and x amout of chances to light fire. What I do is just bring a lighter and I can get thousands of chances out of that