Have You ever been scared of being stranded on an island or lost in the desert or maybe even being left behind on a hike? well this kit wont prevent that from happening but it will help you get out of those situations alive. This kit has all the essential pieces to surviving in the wilderness if you know how to use them, if you don't this will be useless for you. So I will walk you through every piece and how you can use it.   

Step 1: Intro

As you can see evrything is tightly packed inside but nothing is forced in. The reason you don't want to force anything in is so nothing gets damaged because then its just useless and taking up valuable space
<p>Also, I've seen one of these &quot;everything you need to survive bear grylls one page pamphlet&quot; YOu might want to go get something that teaches you more than hand signals.</p>
Trying to be nice, but please check your spelling and grammar a little bit. Step 2: I think you mean the yellow bracelet is &quot;wrapped&quot; around the tin. <br>Anyway, this is one of the best Altoid survival tins I've seen! Nicely done.
I saw that and cringed a bit
I have been looking over the survival altoid tins, wish now I had a lot of them to experiment with. I just love all the awesome kits that have been put together. Now I want to make a kit of my own as well. Wonder if I can get some empties off craigslist from my own area, going to try since I don't have any at this time.

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