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Altoids Tin Automobile Fuse Holder. Probably a lifetime supply. 

Step 1:

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Pretty dense foam from a kayak pad. Cut foam in rectangle shape of the Altoids Tin. 

Step 2:

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My foam had a tape back, if yours doesn't, glue or epoxy to the bottom of Altoids Tin.

Step 3:

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Use a fuse to punch holes in the foam. I used one and threw it away, the chances that it was damaged are slim, but I don't want to find out.

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That's it, put it in the glove box. I would like to add a fuse puller and a mini LED light. 

Step 5:

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Updated with a fuse puller and mini LED light. 
Mini LED: $5
Fuse Puller: $1.50
Fuses: $5
Foam: Re-use
Altoids Tin: $2.00

Total: $13.50 for 2 


AustinH6 (author)2015-07-16

Love this altoid idea

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