Picture of Altoids Tin Doodle Pad / Pencil Case
Yes, I finally took the plunge and bought myself some Altoids Curiously Strong Peppermints off ebay... Not that I like mints (don't worry, Altoids lovers, they went to a good cause (my grandpa ;-) ) ), I just wanted the tins.

Anyway, I had a thought for a use of one. I am always wanting to doodle, but never have the right stuff on me or nearby. And so came my Altoids tin doodle pad / pencil case.

I went by a rule of threes for my stationary, so I had 3 pencils, 3 pens (okay I killed one so I needed to make another once I got one) and 3 rubbers.

Without further ado, here we go!
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Step 1: Pencils

I took a regular pencil with a rubber on the end and sawed it into 3 (mainly because of size, this started my rule of threes). Don't just go for 3, go for whatever fits into your tin, even if it needs another pencil to get the three.

Anyway, sharpened, these 3 mini pencils fit perfectly into my tin.

Step 2: Pens

Picture of Pens
My school sells pretty decent Bic pens in black and blue for 10p each, so I took 3 of those.

To tin-size one, saw the plastic casing at the right point (just check it against the tin), and cut the ink tube with scissors. Hold on to both sides when doing this . Tape over the end (not the nib end) to stop ink leaking. Rinse and repeat.

I would advise you listen to my methods.... I killed the first pen and had to go buy another.

In with the pencils they went.

Step 3: Rubbers

Picture of Rubbers
I happened to have some tiny (but usable) pieces of a broken rubber lying around, so I added three of them.

If I had to make some however, I would take one the thickness of the (bottom part of the) tin, or thereabouts, and saw it into three appropriately-sized pieces.
zap80043 years ago
where would I get a tin in aus
I would check candy shops or grocery stores. The mints are very good! Also very handy in odd moments like when the girl/boy you adore is about to walk by.