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Here is a simple way to make your veryown altoids tin flashlight. It works very well. It is also very bright. It is an inexpensive way to make one. I mad this one for around $10.

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  • 1 altoids tin
  • 2 led's (I used Jumbo ones.)
  • 1 batterypack (I used two AAA)
  • 1 switch (you can use a button but I used a lever switch.)
I bought all of these things but the tin at Radio Shack for $10

Step 2:

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First you are going to drill holes. Messure the outside of the LED and the switch. Now find a drill that fits the measurement for each one. Now drill the holes were ever you want them and see if the LED's and the switch fits. To keep the LED from falling out I hot glued around it. You could also put some surgu.

Step 3:

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Now its time to soder everything in. I dont know how to soder any other type of switch so i cant tell you that but im sure its simple. Now yo solder the LED's. For this I put the two negative wires and twisted them to each other. Then I soldered the positive on the switchthen I soldered the other positive LED wire to the positive connected to the swithch.

Step 4:

Now you have to soder the battery pack in. I soldered the negative wire to the two twisted wire. And the positive wire goes on the other prong on the

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Now you are done. You can attach you battery pack some how. Please SUSCRIBE and RATE this instructable. You can also vote for me if it says at the top of the page. Show your pictures of your own flashlight in the comment section.


Volthaus Electronics Laboratory made it! (author)2014-10-08

Nice work firepup104. I just finished my Altoids flashlight. I used the Altoids Small tin. I tried some different LED combinations on a bread board before I decided on how I wanted to build my flashlight. Putting a wide field LED on either side of my 5mm LED really gave me a wide area of illumination. I'll add a photo and a link to the 'Ible' I just put up. I hope you like it. I clicked your follow button. I'm looking forward to your future projects! Keep up the good work!

jgafford (author)2011-11-03

Good idea be more specific when talking about wiring. Which s positive/negative which prong is which

ebren22 (author)jgafford2014-02-21

positive is the longer prong, negative is the shorter prong when dealing with LEDs

firepup104 (author)jgafford2011-11-05

Im sorry dont really know anything about electrical stuff and im only 12

Rob O (author)firepup1042011-12-08

firepup - you are awesome dude!

firepup104 (author)Rob O2011-12-25


OrIsIt (author)jgafford2011-11-29

In leds the long prong is the positive and the short is negative

vegard7 (author)2014-01-17

Would it be better with a resistor to be sure?

zazenergy (author)2011-10-11

great idea! 5 stars!

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