Picture of Altoids Tin Guitar
This is my take on the incredible Altoids Tin Guitar. Bumpus originally made it, and there have been many copies. Here is mine.  
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Step 1: Materials

I used
-about 5 wooden slats from home depot (paint stirrers)
-3 small eye screws
-one altoids tin
-the first three strings off of a guitar
-an old pen ink cartridge
-glue (wood and all purpose)
-a couple clamps are helpful to have
-a random assortment of small screws

Step 2: Steps 1 and 2

Glue the wooden slats one atop another, using however many it takes to equal the height of the Altoids tin. Then, take the Altoids tin and cut an area out for the slats to fit in it.

Step 3: Poke Out the String Holes

Picture of Poke Out the String Holes
Jus what it sounds like. Poke 3 holes in the end of the Altoids tin, leading into the tin. Simple. To string it, put the string into the tin and lead it out through to the outside.

Step 4: Screw in the Neck, and Glue Down The Bridge and Nut

Picture of Screw in the Neck, and Glue Down The Bridge and Nut
Screw through the back of the altoids tin to secure the neck of the Altoid-ar. Cut an old dried out ink cartridge from a pen into two pieces, to be used for the nut and the bridge. Cut notches in these for the strings, and glue these down where they belong.

Step 5: Eye Screws

Picture of Eye Screws
I used eye screws as tuning machines. Predrill the holes for these on the headstock of the guitar.

Step 6: Assemble (and video)

Picture of Assemble (and video)

Put it all together! Look at the pictures for specific guidance. Thanks for reading and watching!