Step 3: Poke Out the String Holes

Jus what it sounds like. Poke 3 holes in the end of the Altoids tin, leading into the tin. Simple. To string it, put the string into the tin and lead it out through to the outside.
Are the screws a good tuning peg
<p>This looks so awesome!</p>
Add a piezo and a headphone jack, then rock out! I think if you replace the bridge with something harder you would increase overall performance.
An altoids tin is a little small to be an effective resonator, but still neat. You're also going to lose quite a bit of volume by using that foamy/plastic pen cartridge ad the bridge and nut. Something metal or at least a harder substance such as wood or bone would work much better. In any case, get it tuned up and grab a slide and you'll be good to go.

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