Step 3: Cut holes for the strings and the 1/8 jack

Picture of Cut holes for the strings and the 1/8 jack
Hole for guitar jack.jpg
Now you need to make holes for the strings. Again, mark the holes before you break out the drill. I used a 3/32 drill bit for this.

You also need to make a hole for the 1/8 jack. I used a slightly larger drill bit and then bored out the hole with a pair of needlenose plyers.
you may consider reenforcing the holes, as, eventually, they will pull thru from tuning.
supamunki6 years ago
well how do u get the strings to be attatched on the inside
 On one end of a guitar string they have a little"nub"(i'm not sure if they have a name..) that you use to fix it near the sound hole of a guitar you just open the altoids case and feed trough the end with no nub. the nub should catch on the little holes and not come through.
I suppose you could also tie a knot on the end of a string if you have a chopped down one.  It'd probably take a two pair of pliers to get it tied, but you knot it good enough and it would substitute for the "nub."