Picture of Altoids Tin Martini Kit
There are many Altoids tin survival kits out there, but only one contains what you really need in an emergency.

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Step 1: Building It

Picture of Building It
All you will need to be prepared in any emergency is an Altoids or equivalent tin, some tiny bottles (the smallest one is from a miniature Tabasco sauce bottle), a tiny ziploc bag, a folding paper cup (about the easiest origami there is), and the stopper cannibalized from a dollar store water pistol. Oh, and of course gin (I favour Plymouth) and vermouth (Noilly Prat).

Drill a hole for the stopper. The diameter will depend on the exact stopper you use – I used a 5/16 bit. Be careful drilling this as you can easily buckle the metal – I started with a small bit and worked slowly up, putting almost no pressure on the drill head. The hole needs to be as neat and round as possible.

Insert the water pistol stopper. And that's it. You are now prepared for any situation that demands a small, warm cocktail.

If only I could figure out a way to ice it...

Jackson1237 months ago

Suggestion...Use one of those small cone paper cups like you have at the dentist. Stand it up in the mouth of the bottle vodka bottle and poor your drink it. It vaguely represents a martini glass and will really sell the joke at the end.

sibu1 year ago

Freeze the gin, or well, as frozen as it will get ;) By the time you get to your destination, it should be about the right temperature.

nclarke4 years ago
Maybe make a small heat pump and solder it to the back of the tin?
justafew4 years ago
Kudos for your creativity and extra points for making me laugh (and provoking wicked thoughts) during a stressful holiday!! The perfect pocket size essential for the trip to the in-laws!
spookylean (author)  justafew4 years ago
I think I had pretty much the same thing in mind when I invented it...
or when the people you are with don't have enough money for a simple drink.
beam19804 years ago
Maybe we should try this whole idea with a small glass jar or something. Maybe storing the olive in the gin, so it will not rot. The vermouth could be in a little zipper pouch just dropped in the rest of it. You can keep the whole thing in the fridge for just in case... uhm... yeah...

But I guess having those small bottles and so on makes the process of mixing more enjoyable :) and therefor goes with the better show effect!

I do have a little tupperware thingie which is shot-sized. It would be perfect for a similar joke. Keep in fridge before you slip it in your purse ( I am a gal - guys you figure something out!) before going out. If you're lucky it will still be cool when you are drinking it! :D

It definitely is a curious ( in a good way!) idea!

spookylean (author)  beam19804 years ago
I'm sure it could be improved upon. Tupperware is a fine idea for actually making this practical, were you cocktail obsessed enough (I am).
any ideas to make it non achoholic ?
what !!!!
Portable non alcoholic martini, buy bottle of evian water, open, enjoy.
lemon juice and water with some sugar in the bag. Use the instant ice packs you see in the First aid kits. Squeeze the life out of the instant ice as you shake!!!! insert and enjoy fresh cold lemonade.
Cervantes4 years ago
For chilling...First aid kit instant cold pack?
I could think of no better reason to deploy one...aside from an injury resulting in swelling..
rynplng4 years ago
Put a toothpick in with it =]
To chill it , maybe a small chemical ice pack?
eneergcam4 years ago
Its time someone admits they have a little bit of a drinking problem...hahaha just kidding
Shaken not stirred!
Stirred by shaking
teckdeck4 years ago
its snowing !
ampeyro4 years ago
good idea, i'l do it in a cookie box, or a fishtank
Mugai4 years ago
It is nice to find those who understand.
Thank you. And thank you for sharing your wonderful idea.
caarntedd4 years ago
Change nothing. BTW, did I say this is brilliant?
eschneck4 years ago
How about one of those little 12v thermal coolers that you find on USB refrigerators? I'm sure you could attach it to the bottom easily enough, and since it's metal it will transfer it's cooling "power". I would think a simple 9v battery plugged into it would be enough to get it up to snuff.

I'd love to see someone's face though as you break this out and begin mixing. It's definitely got the cool factor going for it.
spookylean (author)  eschneck4 years ago
Golly. That's a good idea.
Lewkish4 years ago
How about one of those instant cool packs? though you'd need a bigger tin.
BUT; bigger tin = more martini
insomniaSAH4 years ago
I was sitting here looking at the pics and going "Dang, you gotta be really hardup for martinis all the time if this is something you'd want to do"

but then I watched the video

and now I want to do this around my friends. Seriously, just whip out a tiny martini. I'd find a folding cup or some nonsense to rubber-band to the tin or something though xD
Arbitror4 years ago
The only flaw:

It isn't an Altoids tin!
spookylean (author)  Arbitror4 years ago
I was hoping the polar bear would chill the martini.
True, true.
hahaha i love the video!
nice job!
kws1034 years ago
This is freakin' brilliant! 5 stars!
your missing a toothpick for the olive!
caarntedd4 years ago
For those that like a little less vermouth they could use squirt gun trigger assembly to mist the cup, just cut down the tubing to fit the container for transport.
shootfilm4 years ago
Kudos on the Goldberg Variations as well.
Enosh744 years ago
You might try a simple endothermic reaction to chill it. Separating out the ammonium nitrate and water from a cold pack to put into smaller containers should work. Just make darn sure your ammonium nitrate doesn't leak into the martini. That will end poorly for everyone. Also, I haven't had an Altoid in ages. How water tight is the tin?
spookylean (author)  Enosh744 years ago
I actually thought about using a cold pack, and also sealing the tin better (it isn't very watertight) but it seemed like too much work for what is essentially a joke.