Step 6: Step 4: Adding the Beam

Last, you need to add a divider between the heaven beads and earth beads. This is called the beam.
I've used a thicker  wire for the divider, string it through the  holes in the shorter  sides, and go UNDER the  wires with the beads on them.
Then poke the wire through the opposite hole, and tie it off on each side inside the box.
The beam wire should be taut and touching the column wires, which will prevent the heaven beads from sliding down into the earth bead area.

Super awesome and handy...
Made it up to 10 rows!
Oh I really like this idea and I'm brainstorming how I can bring it into my art room!
Thank you for this instructable. I needed an abacus for keeping track of stitches while knitting. I didn't have an Altoid's tin, but I used a little box that a necklace came in and it turned out beautifully. I made a Japanese abacus rather than a Chinese one, though.
That turned out great!
you made me lol at the end, nice. love the idea!
Great idea! :D

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