Altoids Tin Survival Kit





Introduction: Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Step 1: Items Needed

Step 2: How to Put Them In

Step 3: TADA!!!



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    This kit is superb. Being little, compact, and simple to form and carry, I feel this is often one thing a lot of hunters ought to use. Granted, it's going to not be good or hundred ideal, It's higher than being crust nothing.

    Here's a useful link that I thought I'd share on an article that lists 100 things you'd need in case of an emergency.... there's several on there that I din't even think of until reading it

    Hm, you might want to add a knife and subtract some of the less useful items. I recently uploaded my own survival kit. Maybe mine could give you some pointers. :)

    I don't mean to be rude, but this looks more like a collection of things you found that could fit in the tin than a survival kit.

    With a kit this small, everything needs at least one purpose. Instead of looking at a rubber band and thinking, "oh, I'll bet this will come in handy," think of what you'll need to accomplish, and choose the best tool for the job.

    "What will you use the rubber bands for? Slingshot? Tourniquet? " is the wrong question. Instead, think "I'll need to get food." A slingshot might work, but fishing gear and snares are more reliable and a better fit.

    "I may need first aid." Honestly, you really don't have a lot of room in there for first aid items, but you could probably make do with your razor blade and a fire starter. You can boil your blade, strip of clothing, etc in the tin to sterilize them. Fishing line could be used for stitches if you had a needle.

    Basically, instead of finding stuff and thinking up potential problems for them to solve, start with the problems, and come up with items that solve as many of them as possible. Beware the "uni-tool" or single-purpose item (with a few exceptions, e.g. fire starter). You don't want that small metal chain, it does basically nothing for you. Replace it with snare wire, which can be used to catch food, make tools, make shelter, etc.

    OK now that we know that an Altoids tin is next to useless as a survival tin How about a 1lb coffee can metal for dry places plastic for damp cold places

    IF the "victim" is seriously hypoglycemic and NEEDS glucose a pack of sugar MIGHT help. BUT. Sugar stored like this would of course immed decide to find a way out of the package and into everything else and be rendered not useful. And maybe gum up things that WERE useful.

    If this was MY kit---and I am diabetic and have experienced my share of LOW LOW's in my time---I would make sure that there were several HARD CANDIES in some sort of roll form--I mean in a hard case type roll--Smarties work well or other small candies--and that the end was SEALED with sealing wax, tape etc to keep moisture/lint etc out. OR you could stash one of the newer type glucose gel packs in there--but be aware if some one is THAT low they might be unresponsive and you might have to make a "hamster pouch" with their cheek and get the glucose gel in there and hold their mouth shut til it absorbs thru the cheek. Just sayin.

    And where is the insulin and syringe if this guy is diabetic? And that stuff don't keep!

    Things people really DON'T think about---and I know someone who uses an insulin pump who RAN OUT while fleeing on foot during 9/11 in NYC. Not a good day. But---did you know--if some one has the SAME insulin pump as you you can SHARE a "hit" with them in an emergency---just hook it up and do a bolus. Could get you to where you need to go.

    ok first of, WTF IS WITH THE SUGA?????? u get hungry> replace that with something else.imean woopdee do hikin in the woods, and ya get lost. "i guess ill be safe with my handy sugar!" it has 0 use other than to sweeten the poisonous berry you just ate because you forgot to put in a list of things that should or shouldnt be touched! im sorry, needs a little work my friend, needs a little work.

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    If your injured you can clot blood with it. you can also use it as bait to catch small animals.

    If this is an everyday necessities kit you forgot TP since that's one thing that you could need just about any time or place. However, if this is for wilderness or out doors, I think you need more research/to actually go out into the outdoors and see what you'd need or do so that you can actually put together a survival kit that will help you survive something.

    plus, I can't imagine needing sandpaper out in the woods, but am always open to learn something new. if you have a reason for it please share.

    All in all, not to helpful or clear.

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    hmmm, well, that could work.

    While I agree there's very little that's actually useful in a survival situation in this tin, I do include a piece of wet/dry sandpaper (fine) to sharpen a dulled knife. If works really well for that.

    Dear kid,
    in the wilderness with this kit, you would moslt likely perish because of the lack of necesarry items such as a utility knife, firestarter of some sort, water purifier of some sort, fishing kit of some sort, and shelter bulding tools of some sort. rubber bands break and dry-rot. an s-biner will not help much, because the wild does not grow to be s-biner compatible. nice try, but try it again. ps, in a wet situation (trust me, it rains) your kit would become ruined.

    Where the BEEEP is the matches or lighter, i don think you know how to start a fire like MACGUYVER!!!

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    wow thats very cool,!!!!!!!!!!BUT HOW THATS HELP US SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!! HUH?

    I don't want to hurt the "designer", but most of the contained items are useless. Not a good blade, or fishing kit, rope, and a lot of other thing is missing. By the way: a saw the paper to start a fire, but were are the matches, or a lighter, or a magnesium rod?

    And the snap hook is for? SUGGESTIONS- killing yourself by trusting your weight to a device intended for hanging your keys on? but oh yek no rope so that's what the rubber bands are for I guess or maybe the chain- presumably the band aids are to patch up your injuries after the snaphook breaks!- Ok I know comments aren't supposed to be nasty but as you haven't said what you are intending using it for it's difficult to think of a sensible use- what are the rubber bands for? or the small chain