Altoids Tin Survival Kit





Introduction: Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Make an altoids smalls tin into a survival kit!

Step 1: Objects

These are all the things you need to add also add matches and a striker.

Step 2: Put It All In

Step 3: Multi-Tool

A multi-tool can do various survival tasks keep it in your pocket.



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    I see this more as a fishing kit rather than a survival kit. I would put this in one pocket and make another altoids survival kit with other essentials.

    this kit is missing some tools that would really help you out. one really big thing is potable water tablets. depending on where you are, these could really save you. in Colorado, if you drink mountain streams or lakes, there is a high likely hood of getting giardia. also you should include some para-cord, easily stored in laces or a bracelet. 550 paracord can support 600lbs. also the inner strands can be used as your fishing line and to make snared or as thread.

    550 paracord only only holds 550 pounds, and thats under PERFECT conditions. so no kinks, bends, knots etc...

    kinks and bends wouldnt effect it, and knots would atcually strenghten it

    No knots do not increase strength of rope most knots actually cause more force to be applied in one area in the knot causing a failure. This is why climbers have to learn a few special knots. These Knots don't create a cutting action on itself

    I wear a paracord belt that has over 40 feet of the stuff xD

    yessss! a fellow Coloradoan

    This is small it can not fit water

    you dont carry water, you carry small iodine tablets that purify the water.