Altoids Tin Survival Kit V2





Introduction: Altoids Tin Survival Kit V2

Step 1: Acquire Altoids Tin

Altoids can be bought at any convenient mart or grocery store. I usually have several on hand just because I enjoy them!

Step 2: Determine the Purpose of the Items

As you can see, I have changed this kit from my previous posting. While this kit is different, it's usefulness has increased. I have reduced the bulk/weight of the kit while also "expanding" it.

The purpose of the items in this kit are to allow me to relieve pain, clean and bandage small wounds, catch and prepare food, light fire, repair or build shelter, and make an emergency electrolyte replacement drink.

Step 3: Item List and Uses

1) Alcohol Prep Pad

This will help clean any small wounds.

2) 3 Fabric Bandages

These will protect small wounds from the elements.

3) 4 Tylenol Wrapped in Plastic

These will help relieve pain.

4) Needle

Use for sewing or releasing infection.

5) Baking Soda, Salt, and Sugar sealed inside straws

When added to 1 liter of water, these form an electrolyte replacement drink.

6) Small Fishing Kit containing a spool of string on a paper clip, 3 hooks, 2 swivels, a spinner, 2 lures and a cork.

7) 1 single edge razor blade for cutting, cleaning, and prepping food or other items...

8) 24 inches (2 ft) of gorilla tape for fastening, building, etc.

9) 6 waterproof matches with striker

10) 2 "field candles" made of cotton balls soaked in candle wax and wrapped in aluminum foil.

11) Cotton tinder sealed inside plastic straw to keep waterproof.

12) A 12 inch by 12 inch square of aluminum foil for cooking, water collection, signaling, etc.

13) The tin itself for creating char cloth or using as a small mess kit.

Step 4: Summary

This is a very useful kit as you can see!! Each Altoids survival tin should be unique! If you copy someone else's entirely it becomes fabricated and may or may not help you survive in your specific location. Add some of your own character to this kit and it is sure to be of help should you ever need it! Check out my YouTube channel Alpha & Omega Survival
School for videos on these kits and much more!



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14 Discussions

hellom im a brit and i was just wondering where i msy be able to find a decent tin about (i do find them online but they are£ 3-4 (5-6$) and they are empty and i just think i could buy a full one for the same price or cheaper) however this survival kit is a very good edc but you need to change your wound cleaning stuff putting an alchol pad on tomclean wounds is quite alot like cleaning them with iodine yes it destroys bacteria but it also destroys cells

Pro Tip- Alcohol pads shouldn't really be used for wound cleaning, unless you want it to sting a lot. Alcohol pads are generally used to disinfect your hands or any tools (i.e scalpels) that would actually enter the body. I would use a small packet of triple antibiotic ointment instead. They are just as small, and easy to find. I'm sure that there is one in the first aid kit you got the alcohol pad from.

1 reply

too true, the concentration of alcohol in an alcohol prep pad can actually damage the surrounding tissues. while it may disinfect a wound it will inhibit healing somewhat. it's a trade off...

Great thought on the electrolyte replacement, never saw that in a kit before, nice touch.

great pocket set, one suggestion

11) Cotton tinder sealed inside plastic straw to keep waterproof.

Soak cotton balls in petroleum jelly (lint from the dryer works well too). These will light in wet conditions

If you can't stand a little stinging then just stay indoors and wait for help

Yes I've heard that before. Just don't buy them normally haha

You should try using a condom as funny as it may sound to hold water

I tried lol the corners were just barely too big to fit

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You can use the tin foil to signal a passing air crafts.

I would add a card multitool too if there is enough place