Picture of Altoids Tin Survival Kits
Easy house held items put into an altoids tin
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Step 2: Pocket Knife

Picture of Pocket Knife

Step 3: Fire Starter/ Matches

Picture of Fire Starter/ Matches

Step 4: Paracord

Picture of Paracord

Step 5: Thread

Picture of Thread

Step 6: Needle

Picture of Needle

Step 7: Bandages

Picture of Bandages

Step 8: Extra Strike On Anything Matches

Picture of Extra Strike On Anything Matches

Step 9: Baby Pin

Picture of Baby Pin

Step 10: Striker

Picture of Striker

Step 11: Finished Thing

Picture of Finished Thing
I have a lot more stuff
MMB Survivor (author) 1 year ago
Yeah I love mine and it can hold much more than just that stuff.
cacj1311 year ago

Awesome! I have one just like this :D