Picture of Altoids Tin Tablesaw
This is probably one of the best pocket tool you can get. Although it really doesn't have the table to it, it is still very good to have If you are only a 13 year old who shouldn't be using an actual saw anyway. I will tell you though it took lots of free time to build this and it does truly cut wood.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
•1 nickle •duck tape •hacksaw DC MOTOR!!!!! Altoids tin Hot glue gun (optional if using tape but probable a better solution) Drill

Step 2: First Step

Picture of First Step
Take the nickle and put it in a vise to hold it in place. Then drill a hole in the center. Take the hacksaw and cut little slit into the sides. All slits should be equal distances apart. After this hot glue it strait to the motor.

Step 3: Next Step

Picture of Next Step
Put a hole in the side of an empty Altoids tin (mainly in the front, whichever side that works for you is fine.) then take a Dc motor and put through the hole and tape it or glue it to side so it stays in that spot.

Step 4: What Battery To Use

Picture of What Battery To Use
You should try and use a 9v battery but if you use a bunch of C and D batteries together then that will be fine to. Just as long as you can get it to spin fast enough to cut wood, then you'll be ok. I also found that big enough solar panels will run it too.

Step 5: Recommendations

Make it so the nickle does not hit the bottom of the tin. This is what will prevent it from spinning. Do not try to spin it to fast because remember it is only glued on. It isn't made from a factory. Glue holds motor in place better than tape!

Step 6: Add On

Try and posted more evolved ones. Add anything to make it better. Maybe one of you can try to make the table part if you're that interested in it. I hope you all enjoy this!
I thought it wasn't illegal unless you try to use it after. Cool project thought. I'll have to make one.
Did you knew that it's illegal to destroy money?
That includes drilling a coin for a miniature table saw and/or cutting it.
Can you please show more pictures and have more instructions. Thanks!
dana-dxb2 years ago
and can u show a better pics
faacuunndoo2 years ago
Can it cut something? Upload a video showing how it works or how it doesn´t work