Introduction: Altoids Tin Watercolor Kit

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This was inspired by Truemirrors Altoids Tin mini watercolor paintbox. I wanted a very small travel watercolor kit to go with my moleskine pad.

Step 1: Paintbox in Altoids Small Tin

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Following Truemirrors directions, I made an Altoids small tin into a paint box. I could only fit 6 colors. There is room in the larger tin for a small tube, so that gives me 7 colors.

Step 2: All Together

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Here is the tin all together. It contains:
Extra tube of paint
Pencil w/eraser
Pencil Sharpener
Water in a Japanese bento box container for sauce
Paper towel on the bottom.


jvaupel (author)2014-05-08

ahh! that was just the tweak I needed! I need to make 10 mini-paint kits that are portablle for my cub scouts to take on our hike. I liked the idea of altiods tins, but the larger ones put me over my budget. The small ones will work perfectly! The way you did these is just perfect. Thanks!

wendyknit (author)jvaupel2014-05-08

I'm glad you like it.

chazortiz (author)2013-07-20

Just came across this wonderful altoids tin watercolor kit great idea now I can watercolor anytime!

baconrocks (author)2010-12-11

Will this work for acrylics too?

wendyknit (author)baconrocks2010-12-11

It could, but the acrylics would have to be in very small tubes. I believe that you can get very small refillable tubes for bento boxes.

baconrocks (author)wendyknit2010-12-15

Good idea :)

Cheeseduck (author)2010-01-10

This is a great idea! And I've always loved how the 'smalls' tin fits right inside the regular Altoids tin.

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