Picture of Altoids Tiny Tin iPod Shuffle Case
I've seen a lot of altoids iPod cases on this site but none for the shuffle which is less common but lots of people still have it. So heres my plan for a shuffle case using an altoids tiny tin which are sort of hard to find but are useful
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Step 1: Cut the Tin

Picture of Cut the Tin
Open the tin and make a square shaped hole on the side of the tin as shown. You can cut it with a dremel but I used a pair of wire cutters so it came out kind of sloppy.

Step 2: Your'e Done!

Picture of Your'e Done!
Now just put your shuffle in and thread the headphone cord out of the hole as shown. Now close it up and continue on your mery way!
nillin5 years ago
Do you think Altoids are available in the Philippines?