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Introduction: Altoids USB Flash Drive

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Altoids USB Flash Drive
Check it out on YouTube: Just copy and paste the link into your browser

Step 1: Materials

1. Flash Drive
2. "Altoids Smalls" Tin
3. Knife
4. Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Construction

Step 1. First you will have to cut a hole just big enough to fit the USB flash drive through on the Altoids tin 

Step 3: Inserting the USB

Step 2. Insert the USB into the hole, position it till your content with its location. Start warming up your hot glue gun.
Note which side of the USB you are plugging into the computer 

Step 4: Pinning the USB Flash Drive Into Place

Step 3. Now glue the flash drive into place, now you have yourself a Altoids USB Flash Drive



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    This just make the name of a compact flashdrive huge and not portable stupid idea make a small one out of legos like i did looks cool and still compact

    cool, but, why?